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Education and culture. 2023/09/08 07:05 #197771

We live in the 21st century. In the age of innovation and intelligence. It is the intellect that is the driving force behind the development of society, is the key to modernization. However, today it is necessary to talk not only about changes in the economy and production, but also in education. It should be noted that modern Russian education is innovative, i. ready to meet the needs of a developing society. But is society itself ready to consume new knowledge and skills? An indicator of the development of any state, nationality and nation is culture. Then it is necessary to understand the connection between innovative Russian education and modern culture. And here it is necessary to raise the question, can modern education be considered a part of modern Russian culture? To answer the question, it is necessary to identify the main trends of modern culture, and it is necessary to first focus on youth culture.

Youth culture is a specific phenomenon that arises due to the fact that the physiological acceleration of young people is accompanied by a sharp increase in the duration of their socialization period (sometimes up to 30 years), which is caused by the need to increase the time for education and professional training that meets the requirements of the era. Today, a young man ceases to be a child early (according to his psychophysiological development), but according to his social status, he does not belong to the world of adults for a long time.

Adolescence is the time when economic activity and independence have not yet been fully achieved. Psychologically, youth belongs to the world of adults, and sociologically, to the world of adolescence. If, in the sense of saturation with knowledge, a person matures much earlier, then in the sense of a position in society, the opportunity to say his word, his maturity is pushed back. "Youth" as a phenomenon and sociological category, born of an industrial society, is characterized by psychological maturity in the absence of significant participation in the institutions of adults. However, society needs young people and their cultural values and the institution of adults, should attract them with their attitudes and know their interests and goals.

And here there is a clear task to determine the interests of the younger generation and their attitude to education. According to the poll, it follows:

1. What is education for? Of the 45 respondents, 60% consider education necessary to obtain a prestigious profession in the future, 30% see the need for study only to raise their self-esteem, the remaining 10% define the value of education as a way to gain the reputation they need, both among peers and among teachers.

2. Who is a cultured person? As a result of the answer to this question, one can come to the conclusion that young people consider a cultured person someone who is educated, i.e. the one who receives knowledge or possesses it, and this is a student, teacher, student, etc. So, on the basis of this, we can conclude that education and youth culture are part of each other.

3. Are modern culture and innovative education connected? This question summarizes the two above, and its result shows the awareness of the younger generation in the interaction of modern culture and education. Respondents evaluate this relationship as a quality cooperation that creates a favorable development of these two elements.

Thus, youth culture and education are closely related and interact. I am glad that this interaction is realized. Of course, the relationship between education and culture has already been proven within the social sciences, and it was important that the society that consumes knowledge - the students - understand this.

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Education and culture. 2023/09/08 08:07 #197773

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